Update on the Women’s March

The Women’s March on January 21st  was one for the history books!  After a embarrassingly small turn-out for his inauguration (shown on the left), Donald Trump had his unpopularity foisted in his face with the arrival of an estimated million and a half protesters who crowded into D.C. and dwarfed the sparse crowds that attended the inauguration ceremonies. Not only did women pack the mall and Pennsylvania Avenue but there were over 670 sister events held in every major city around the world, including Antartica and, according to the tallies that have been compiled, in total more than 4 million people turned out to protest Trump and everything he stands for.  There has never been a protest this large in the world before, so this one is destined to be remembered as an historic statement of protest and democracy.  Another amazing fact: there were no arrests anywhere from the actions of these protesters.  The New York Times posted a series of wonderful pictures from women’s marches on every continent around the world.  If you’d like to see some video, click here.

You are invited to show how you feel on Jan. 21, 2017

There is an all-inclusive march being planned in Washington D.C. to oppose Trump on January 21st on the National Mall, the day after Donald Trump will be sworn in as the nation’s 45th president. Women (and the men who love them and support them) from all across America are invited to participate.  It is anticipated that a hundred thousand to a million women will attend.

The demonstration aims to bring a million women and feminists to the nation’s capital to protest Trump’s inauguration as commander-in-chief. The idea for the mass protest, which will see marchers begin at the Lincoln Memorial and finish outside of the White House, was circulated immediately after the election and Hillary’s concession.


The group organizing the demonstration said it plans for protesters to “March from Lincoln Memorial to [the] White House to show our strength, power and courage and demonstrate our disapproval of the new president and his values in a peaceful march. ALL women, femme, trans, gender non-conforming and feminist others are invited to march on Washington DC the day following the inauguration of the President elect. This march is a show of solidarity to demand our safety and health in a time when our country is marginalizing us and making sexual assault an electable and forgivable norm. We align with all POC and LGBTQ causes, and we will show our support in a non-violent protest.” The New York Facebook group adds, “This is an INCLUSIVE march, and EVERYONE who supports women’s rights are welcome.”

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