It was with great pain and disbelief that Americans watched their champion, Hillary Clinton, go down to defeat in the 2016 election. It seemed utterly surreal and impossible that Trump could have pulled off a victory, given all the evil that came out about him. We were told that voters were just distrusted Hillary and wanted change, even though they didn’t necessarily like Trump. Even though the Republicans had spent years trying to portray Hillary as distrustful, many of us found that “victory” hard to believe. Despite being sick to our stomachs and broken-hearted, we set about resisting Trump in many ways.

Eventually, stories began breaking in the news, little by little, of the possibility of there having been significant electoral fraud, cheating and collusion against Hillary by both members of the Trump campaign and Russian operatives. Now, just a few months into the so-called “Trump Administration,” there is nothing BUT scandal and serious investigations going on. Both the Senate and the House have investigations going on by their Intelligence Committees, the FBI and the Justice Department have acknowledged going investigations. Both news and leaks about what Trump and members of his team did with Russians are clearly pointing to potentially serious allegations of treason being leveled against numerous members of the Trump team. The American people are beginning to see through the fake news perceive the outline of the relatively vast conspiracies.

We are dedicating this site to tracking the most important news and campaigns, aggregating information and working to support initiatives that both help us extract ourselves from this fiasco and improve the workings of our democracy so we can avoid this kind of abortion of justice again in the future. We invite our readers to submit information about key articles published on these topics.