a true democracy works for everyone—and they work for it

We seek to enable informed, active engagement by all citizens in the full workings of our elections and government to keep elections fair and elected officials accountable to citizens. America has gotten off course but we are committed to taking the action necessary to ensure that our government represents us and acts on our behalf.

Voters must be engaged

The tainted 2016 election, the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, the incarceration of immigrants, corrupt and self-enriching dealings by the Trump Administration, the spread of nationalistic and authoritarian forces, failure to listen to scientists about COVID-10 or climate, means that voters must remain vigilant.

We need accountability

More than 150,000 Americans are dead from the corona virus, yet Trump is hiding pandemic data, calling anything that looks bad for him a hoax, and blaming others for his own leadership vacuum. We need leaders who will listen to scientists and take appropriate actions—even when it is politically difficult or costly.

United we stand

Divided we fall. Trump allies are already actively planning dis-information campaigns, designed to spread distrust, cynicism and hatred, so they can exploit our emotions to corrupt and undermine the election. We must find ways to expose and neutralize the tactics being used by these actors to change votes.

Support election defenses

They didn’t play fairly in 2016 and we’ve been warned that Trump, Putin and their chaos allies are working to undermine the 2020 elections as well. We need to be prepared to fight back against these nefarious actions, social media campaigns and outright threats to our democracy and institutions. Join with us to fight back.