Pandemocracy works to restore integrity to our democracy

Everyone must engage to defend against efforts to undermine our elections.

Pandemocracy was launched in the aftermath of the 2016 debacle that we called an election. We have since seen the damage that can be done to American leadership, American values, American lives and democratic institutions when the will of the majority is subverted by the nefarious actions of a highly motivated minority to undermine the credibility of legitimate candidates and cover-up the misdeeds of illegitimate candidates in order to deceive votes and install a career conman in the office of the president.

While we started out thinking of ourselves as members of the Democratic “resistance” to Donald Trump and Republicans, now we are much larger majority and we have been joined by more Americans from the ranks of Republicans and Independents who have also recognized that Trump and foreign agents are threats not just to Democrats but to all Americans and all democracies. From failing to respond to the COVID-19 crisis—because it started in “predominantly blue states”—to failing to stand up for members of the military being targeted by the Taliban for bounties paid by Putin, Trump has proven that he is a traitor to Americans of every persuasion.

The goal of Pandemocracy is to refocus American citizens on the basic responsibilities we all must step up for to strengthen our democracy, regardless of your political party. There is a huge amount of work to be done, so we need everyone to focus on some aspect of our democracy, if we hope to protect and keep our institutions accountable to us. Thus, every voters should consider taking some time to do one or more of the following:

    1. Engage Deeply: Stay engaged with the issue or issues that matter to you, whether #BlackLivesMatter, Covid-19 or Climate Change. We each cannot be an expert at all of these issues but they all matter a lot. Pick the issue that grabs you and help others understand what matters with that issue.
    2. Avoid Hyper-Partisanship: Guard against fake news, disinformation campaigns and manipulation of our emotions by hostile actors seeking to divide us. Be suspicious of news or information that serves to inflame you. If you don’t know the authenticity of a claim, check it out thoroughly before you share it.
    3. Defend the Right for all to Vote: Our Democracy is built on the principle of one person, one vote. We all need to protect the right to vote by ensuring that all citizens can safely and easily cast their ballots and, now during a pandemic, the right to do so without putting their life at risk.
    4. Keep Elections Fair: Guarantee electoral integrity, so that everyone’s vote is accurately counted and we ensure that we have fair results for all.
    5. Protect Institutions: Guarding against a wide range of electoral manipulations, fraudulent practices and attacks on institutions intended to make not just some people’s votes count less than others but also to discredit the integrity of the election overall. This includes pushing back against gerrymandering, electoral college abuse, voter purges, inaccurate census tabulations and disenfranchisement of distinct groups such as those who have passed through the criminal justice system; etc.

Each of these area are complex and multifaceted issues. Fortunately, over the last 3 1/2 years, many good groups have emerged which are devoted to working on some aspect of these issues. Our goal is to gather, organize and help share information about those doing good work—so we can help them—as well as list those working against us and democracy, trying to undermine us and our election. This is a big job so please consider helping us gather and present this information.

Read through our information and consider signing up to help those groups working to protect our election and our democracy. No matter what your situation, if you want to live in a free country, you need to help guarantee that we have a fair election. The best way to protect ourselves against pandemonium, pandemics and post-election panic is through pandemocracy, where everyone steps up to fight against our 21st century enemies. Here’s how you can help!


#1: Join our discussion

Pandemocracy covers a lot of ground on Facebook, Twitter and this Website

Be a part of our conversation and help contribute factual news on issues you care about that are central to our election. Like and follow us to stay knowledgeable and vigilant about things that threaten our rights! Help by volunteering to help us stay current and up to date on the many issues we want to cover.

#2: Identify and support great groups

Share information you have about other pro-democracy groups and initiatives

There are dozens and dozens of great groups working to push back on fake news, illegal government actions and other coordinated efforts to restrict democratic institutions and we want everyone to know about them. Help Pandemocracy organize information about these important initiatives so more of us can support and participate in their actions. The more people who know about them, the better! Send us information about any groups that we don’t have in our list of Initiatives.

#3: Help call out those who are spreading disinformation

We are developing a listing of those who are actively working against fair elections.

Have you received something that you think is fake information? Let’s work together to call out suspicious materials and sources. We need to be able to counter fake news that gets dropped at the last moments before the election to prevent those seeking to undermine the election to convince people to vote against their real interests. We are organizing this effort at our Slack site and need lots of help. If you have time to help, we can sure use your help. Click here to join this effort.

#4: Invite others to join us

We need everyone involved!

We want to build a community that empowers people to get involved, use their voices, and help address the many problems faced by voters. Help us engage more voters to understand the things they can do—in whatever time or capacity they have—to help defend our democracy. There are lots of needs—ideas, solutions, canvassing, donations and getting people to the polls—there are ways to help. Please encourage others to get involved and, if you let us know how you are working to help ensure we have a fair election, we will see if we can help find you the support you need to execute on your ideas and make them happen.

We invite everyone who supports democracy to join us. We can be a powerful force for good if we call chip in.