National Democratic Redistricting Committee Republican gerrymandered districts after the 2010 Census have put Democrats at a massive structural disadvantage. That’s why the most important turning point for the future of the Democratic Party will take place in 2021: when states redraw their Congressional and state legislative lines. Chaired by former Attorney General Eric Holder, NDRC is the first-ever strategic hub for redistricting focused on winning […]

Preface . . . and invitation to those who would write I was following some interesting social media trails when I stumbled upon an excellent personal blog called Proud Navy Veteran.  This blogger, whose real name is not revealed, launched his/her blog as a coping response to the shocking and  horrific result of the election. I recommend that you click on the link and read […]

Pandemocracy works to restore integrity to our democracy Everyone must engage to defend against efforts to undermine our elections. Pandemocracy was launched in the aftermath of the 2016 debacle that we called an election. We have since seen the damage that can be done to American leadership, American values, American lives and democratic institutions when the will of the majority is subverted by the nefarious […]

The tainted 2016 election, the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, the incarceration of immigrants, corrupt and self-enriching dealings by the Trump Administration, the spread of nationalistic and authoritarian forces, failure to listen to scientists about COVID-10 or climate, means that voters must remain vigilant.

We need accountability

More than 150,000 Americans are dead from the corona virus, yet Trump is hiding pandemic data, calling anything that looks bad for him a hoax, and blaming others for his own leadership vacuum. We need leaders who will listen to scientists and take appropriate actions—even when it is politically difficult or costly.

United we stand

Divided we fall. Trump allies are already actively planning dis-information campaigns, designed to spread distrust, cynicism and hatred, so they can exploit our emotions to corrupt and undermine the election. We must find ways to expose and neutralize the tactics being used by these actors to change votes.

Support election defenses

They didn’t play fairly in 2016 and we’ve been warned that Trump, Putin and their chaos allies are working to undermine the 2020 elections as well. We need to be prepared to fight back against these nefarious actions, social media campaigns and outright threats to our democracy and institutions. Join with us to fight back.

Revote 2017 is the name taken by a grassroots group of women and men who filed a series of lawsuits against the government to force them to protect the states and American from “foreign invasion” according to the protections of Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution, also called the “Guarantee Clause.”  Given that 17 Intelligence Agencies asserted that the Russians interfered with the U.S. […]

[Text adapted from the Sleeping Giants Facebook page] ABOUT SLEEPING GIANTS AND SLEEPING GIANTS EUROPE Sleeping Giants was started in the United States on the heels of the 2016 presidential election. The founders of Sleeping Giants immediately understood that the proliferation of racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and anti-Semitic news was significant. Fake news and inflammatory “news” sources seemed to be everywhere overnight. Investigating who was […]

[Text taken directly from the Bay Area Resistance website. There are a lot of organizations involved and we do not know who exactly is running this group.] As Trump and the far right take power, Bay Resistance is a powerful new network preparing to defend our beloved communities, our movements and our earth. Some of us are targeted by Trump. Many of us are immigrant, […]

Radical Resilience was formed with the initial intent of protect the vulnerable immigrant population of Silicon Valley but has become dedicated to fostering community and protecting all of its residents from the negative aspects of the Trump agenda, while supporting progressive causes.  They will do this by: Reaching “across the freeway” to build and support a broader sense of community. Supporting organizations in our community […]

Dedicated to Fighting the Influence of Money on our Political System Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) uses aggressive legal action, in-depth research, and bold communications to reduce the influence of money in politics and help foster a government that is ethical and accountable. We highlight abuses, change behavior, and lay the groundwork for new policies and approaches that encourage public officials to […]

Update on the Women’s March The Women’s March on January 21st  was one for the history books!  After a embarrassingly small turn-out for his inauguration (shown on the left), Donald Trump had his unpopularity foisted in his face with the arrival of an estimated million and a half protesters who crowded into D.C. and dwarfed the sparse crowds that attended the inauguration ceremonies. Not only […]

Boycott the billionaire The last thing that any of us want to do is further enrich Donald Trump. That’s why we think this campaign is a NO-BRAINER and we thank Shannon Coulter and the founders for all of the hard work and research they have done to bring together all of the information about the  businesses, enterprises, product lines that generate revenue for the […]