Trump may have “won” the election but the political landscape has changed permanently, as a result

If there is any reason to be glad for the election results that we are now living with, it would be in the way that this electoral abomination has galvanized the public.  Starting with post-election protests, the Indivisible Guide, the Women’s March—which turned out to be the biggest protest rally the world has ever seen—and hundreds if not thousands of new groups emerging to bring people together for “resistance” actions within their own communities, the era of a disengaged and apathetic public has ended.

Pandemocracy launched by following this action and serving initially as a portal to discuss avenues of opposition and alert people to new groups and national and local resistance actions being planned.  We have learned about many worthy initiatives launched in the few months since the elections.  All have been shared via our Facebook page and the key groups now have a unique information page, to help people learn more about them.  Everyone can participate in Pandemocracy and numerous other initiatives as part of building the broadest resistance movement possible.  Our summary pages are linked directly to the group’s own web location as well.

List of Key Initiatives (2020 Updated List in process)

Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington

Grab Your Wallet

The Indivisible Movement/MoveOn

March for Science (see their link)

National Democratic Redistricting Committee

Million Women March

Sleeping Giants


[Note: this page is in the process of being updated. Please do send your recommendations for groups to be added here.]

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