VoterWiki:  A Non-Partisan Political Resource for Voters

VoterWiki is the first project to officially launch out of Pandemocracy.  We are very pleased to announce that a team of nearly a dozen volunteers have stepped up to collaborate in designing and creating this new resource for voters.  Additionally, we have been fortunate to be the recipients of offers to help by an independent team of engineers. The group has begun to organize this work at a new Slack location.

VoterWiki will help users find the information that they are looking for. It will be especially crafted to help those who are very uninformed about U.S. Government find information easily.  For those better informed, they will also be able to quickly drill down deeper into more detailed information.  Users who wish to participate in supporting VoterWiki will be encouraged to complete an assessment and find an “assignment” so that they can also contribute unique information to the site.  They will be encouraged to select an area on an issue or for a location that they have a connection to.

More details about VoterWiki will be available soon.  We are looking for a lot more help, so sign up to participate and let us know if you can support on this exciting initiative.  Or simply  contact us and we will send you more information about how to join this work group.